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Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection is important to ensure efficiency and prevent Legionella growth
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Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

In order to minimise the risk of legionnaires’ disease and comply with the requirements of ACoP L8 a cooling tower chemical treatment should be performed in order to clean and disinfect the system regularly to remove fouling that can provide a growth environment for legionella bacteria. The normal process involves Cooling Tower Chlorination incorporating additional bio-dispersant, physical cleaning and then a further post chlorination before the system is returned safely to service.

cooling tower repair refurbishmentcooling tower cleaningWhere practical and within the agreed scope of works, the cooling tower packing may be removed for additional inspection and cleaning.

foam clean disinfectionFoam Cleaning

Feedwater also offer a unique service, foam cleaning cooling towers, a highly effective disinfection method incorporating Activ-Ox®, our patented Chlorine Dioxide chemistry, which is ideal for in-situ disinfection and cleaning of cooling tower packing.

A full report of all works is produced identifying areas requiring remedial action and, where required, a photographic report showing the cooling tower condition.

cooling tower maintenanceCooling Tower Maintenance Repair and Refurbishment 

We provide a comprehensive inspection service and can carry out any necessary cooling tower repairs

Cooling tower refurbishment may include, as appropriate, the replacement of air inlet louvres, drift eliminators, cooling tower packing / fill, repairs to the distribution systems, replacement of spray nozzles, fan repairs and sump painting / coating. 

If you feel like doing it yourself we can provide a full range of cooling tower packing, drift eliminators and other components at competitive prices.

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Cooling Tower Clean Case Study - Summer 2012

cooling towerA recent cooling tower clean and disinfection job up at a Distillery in the north of Scotland proved a challenge with a system fed by the river it sat upon which had proved to be particularly susceptible to heavy build up in the packing when heavy rains turned the tranquil stream into a brown torrent laden with peat from the hills.

An initial pre-chlorination and de-chlorination could be skipped as the cooling system had been drained prior to arrival, this would have been the first step to disinfect the system.

Inspection of the packing then confirmed the expectation there would be heavy build up. The packing itself made from light corrugated plastics had become blocked, weighty "concrete blocks" to quote one of the men on the job. This made it quite a task to shift the pack around and off the gantry to provide the space to clean as many in-situ as possible. Each piece required lengthy flushing through with water to remove the heavy fouling from peat suspended in the river water.blocked tower packing

Scale build up had formed on all the walls within the cooling tower and after a thorough cleaning gave way to the original shine of the stainless steal the tower was constructed from. The troughs above the packing would also receive this treatment to clear fouling and remove scale.

scale removalcooling tower chlorination

cooling water system cleaningAfter packing replacement the cooling tower could be filled with water from the holding pond fed by the stream, because of heavy rains over the duration of the clean the water entering the tower was brown carrying particles of peat from the hills in suspension.

Lastly the tower was given a post clean chlorination and de-chlorination to ensure the system is entirely disinfected before it returns to service.

The cooling tower was now operational providing efficient cooling with it's cleaned packing and with little presence of any scale and microbial disinfection the tower maintained its ACoP L8 compliance removing the risks of growth environments for bacteria such as Legionella.

Notes and recommendations

Discussions with the site manager concluded that a closed system initially fed by clean water would be the best way forward to improve long term efficiency between cleans preventing the build up of solids within the system.

Packing used in the cooling tower was that recommended by the tower manufacturer however with the high presence peat in the water it was discussed that the site should look into alternative packing to reduce fouling build up within the pack and therefore increase efficiency. Feedwater are well placed to help choose alternative designs and order in and replace the packing.

The drift eliminator was promptly replaced shortly after the clean as it was found to be in a poor state coming to bits and sagging significantly.

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